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FAHRENHEIT 9.5 alkaline water has an impressive pH level of up to 9.5. This is achieved through a unique ionization and mineralization process.
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Drinking alkaline water every day is good for your health. It helps neutralize harmful substances, supports your metabolism and compensates for fluid loss. Make it a good habit to drink FAHRENHEIT 9.5 water every day!
Water FAHRENHEIT 9.5 cleanses the body of toxins, normalizes metabolism, gets rid of swelling and improves the health of skin and hair.
Antioxidant effect improves the processing of sugar in your body. This helps to normalize blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and speed up recovery from exercise.
Alkaline water helps to stabilize acidity in the stomach and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, improving the gastrointestinal system. This helps avoid unpleasant symptoms such as acid reflux and heartburn.
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Every day we consume large quantities of foods with a pH level below neutral. Excessive acidification of the body results in many ailments and diseases such as hypertension, gout, inflammation of the digestive organs and even oncology.
FAHRENHEIT 9.5 water helps your body maintain proper balance and vitality
The pH is a numerical scale which ranges from 0 to 14. The neutral pH value is 7.0. Substances closer to 0 are strong acids and those closer to 14 are alkalis.
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Our water is extracted from our own artesian wells with a water intake horizon of up to 320 m. Deep aquifers guarantee water protection from pollution.
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At this stage, our water is enriched with the optimal level of minerals: sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, chlorides and sulfates. The correct balance of electrolytes is vital for the normal functioning of the body and maintaining health.
living water
To produce FAHRENHEIT 9.5 alkaline water, we use a patented ionizing unit. The installation allows us to start the process of electrochemical activation of water, giving it restorative "life-giving" properties.
Thanks to a unique process of ionization and mineralization, FAHRENHEIT 9.5 drinking water has an impressive pH level of up to 9.5, which allows us to maintain a healthy acid-base balance in our body.
Our modern bottling line can produce up to  10,000 bottles of FAHRENHEIT 9.5 water per hour. Our plastic bottles meet all modern food safety standards and are recyclable.
For our products we use transparent two-piece caps. In addition to their attractive appearance, they also meet all modern quality and safety standards.
On our label you will find comprehensive information about the mineral composition and beneficial properties of FAHRENHEIT 9.5 alkaline water.
The protective cap will help keep the neck clean, and marking with a special code allows us to protect our water from counterfeits.
FAHRENHEIT 9.5 alkaline water is included in the "Honest Sign" mandatory labeling program. We passed all the necessary tests confirming our safety and properties in affiliated laboratories.
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